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09 Oct 2020

Members of Search Committee for next ERC President appointed

On 9 September 2020, the European Commission announced the seven members of the independent Search Committee and invited nominations and applications to fill the post of the next President of the European Research Council. The independent Search Committee will make recommendations to the Commission on the best candidates for this prestigious post on the basis of a consultation of the scientific community and an open call for applications.

The Search Committee consists of seven highly respected personalities in European research: 

    Prof. Helga NOWOTNY (Chair), Former President of the European Research Council 
    Prof. Pearl DYKSTRA, Erasmus University Rotterdam 
    Prof. Tamás FREUND, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    Prof. Jiří FRIML, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
    Prof. Serge HAROCHE, Collège de France
    Prof. Viola VOGEL, ETH Zürich
    Prof. Fabio ZWIRNER, Member of the ERC Scientific Council  

The Commission is now asking organisations and bodies’ representatives of the scientific and research community to nominate outstanding candidates for the ERC President through a consultation letter. The ERC President should be an internationally renowned and respected scientist or scholar and is expected to be a prominent advocate of frontier research and an ambassador of European science within and beyond Europe.

The new ERC President is expected to be appointed by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The term of office is limited to four years, renewable once. No age limit applies. Applicants must be nationals of an EU Member State. The deadline for both applications and nominations is 20 November 2020. 

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