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09 Oct 2020

More than 4,200 proposals submitted to last EIC Accelerator Pilot cut-off

The Commission has published the number of applications to the last European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Pilot cut-off before the launch of the fully-fledged EIC. With more than 4,200 proposals requesting over €15 billion, the number is higher than any previous cut-off and more than double that in May. The number of requests in blended finance (grant and equity) is also the largest ever received with more than 1,700 companies. The total amount of funding available is approximately €170 million. 

The applications came from start-ups and SMEs based in 48 countries, with highest demand from Italy (457), Spain (396), Israel (386), Germany (358) and France (305). The proposals cover a variety of areas including health (952 proposals), information and communication technology (724), engineering and technology (623), energy (343) and construction and transport networks (263). Around 20% of applications came from women innovators (female CEOs).

Applications will be evaluated by independent experts. The results of the evaluation will be announced in December 2020.

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