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08 Sep 2020

ERC President speaks to ITRE on future of EU R&I and the EU budget

At a hearing before the European Parliament's ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) Committee on 7 September 2020, European Research Council (ERC) President Jean-Pierre Bourguignon gave a speech on the future of EU research and innovation and the long-term EU budget. Pointing out the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic and the change in political prioritisation that ensued, the ERC President recalled the importance of preparedness and fundamental knowledge built over the long term by research. He expressed the scientific community's disappointment and anger about the cuts that had been made recently to the future Horizon Europe budget, and in particular the share for Pillar 1 with the ERC. In Mr. Bourguignon's words, the absolute minimum for the ERC budget would be €14.7 billion in 2018 prices (€16.6 billion in current prices) that was the 2018 European Commission proposal for Horizon Europe for the ERC, which would represent 17.64% of the total budget of the programme.

For more information:

ERC President Bourguignon's speech at ITRE

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