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03 Jun 2020

SWG GRI adopts report and policy brief on gender-based violence in academia

At the beginning of June, SWG GRI published the much-awaited report on Sexual Harassment in the Research and Higher Education Sector: National Policies and Measures in EU Member States and Associated Countries and the related policy brief Mobilising to eradicate gender-based violence and sexual harassment: A new impetus for gender equality in the European Research Area. An under-studied and under-recognised issue in academic and research life in many countries, gender-based violence including sexual harassment has severe negative consequences.

The report highlights the considerable differences in how European countries and institutions address the issue, and notes with concern the lack of recognition of the risk for internally mobile, particularly early-career researchers. The report specifically points out the need to acknowledge gender-based violence as existing in the research and higher education sector across Europe, to develop research-based knowledge on the topic, to build effective support structures for victims, and to take bold measures to create diverse, inclusive, and respectful research and study environments, concludes Maja Lundqvist, at the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. It provides recommendations to the Commission, national authorities, research funders and research and higher education institutions. Some of these include seemingly self-evident actions such as collecting sex-disaggregated statistics, recognising gender-based violence as part of research misconduct, putting policies and procedures in place and building the knowledge base, to those action where further deliberation will be necessary such as research funders imposing academic sanctions or requiring receiving institutions of European students and researchers to have policies and procedures in place.

The report can be downloaded here.

The position paper can be downloaded here.


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