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22 Jul 2020

CESAER publishes contribution on future of ERA

In answer to the consultation currently held by the European Commission (EC) for its upcoming Communication on the future of the ERA, CESAER (the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research) has published its contribution to the consultation. The association of universities of science and technology emphasises three key messages that it considers important for the implementation of the future ERA and that it considers should be central in the EC's "Communication on the future of research and innovation and the European Research Area":

  • Excellent science must be at core of ERA.
  • ERA must be open and welcoming to all like-minded partners.
  • Sustainable funding targets are critical to implement ERA.

The association also stresses that ERA's bold ambitions require sustainable funding levels, including at national and regional level, and that it is therefore paramount to ensure sustainable funding for research and innovation. CESAER proposes that this should take the form of commitments to new and reinforced targets, as a proportion of GDP, for private and for public spending on research and innovation, and higher education that match the best performers in the world. The association also offers to be an active and constructive partner in implemnting the ERA.

In addition, CESAER stresses that in order to empower universities to fully contribute to the ERA, key research stakeholders and their representatives must be involved in the future overall governance of the ERA in a structured way, e.g. through the ERA Stakeholder Organisations (ERA SHO) Platform.

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