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21 Jul 2020

JRC publishes Science for Policy handbook

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a handbook with 10 tips for researchers how to achieve impact on policy. The handbook provides advice on how to bring science to the attention of policy makers and is aimed at researchers and research organisations aiming to achieve policy impact.

In a nutshell, the JRC summarieses its top tips as follows:

  • Start with Policy 101
  • Question the questions
  • Plan for policy impact early
  • Policy impact is a team sport
  • Become a critical friend
  • Speak up in the policy debate
  • Become bi-lingual in both science and policy
  • Beware a single study
  • Champion diversity – no single discipline has all the answers
  • Be clear about uncertainties and limitations
  • Final reflection.

For more information:

JRC - news

JRC’s Science for Policy Handbook


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