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29 Jun 2020

EUA is developing vision for European universities for 2030

The European University Association (EUA) has announced that it is embarking on an initiative to develop a vision for Europe’s universities in 2030. This vision "by the sector for the sector" is intended as inspiration for EUA members, as well as for policy makers and other stakeholders. It will build on EUA’s new strategy, the Association’s long-standing work, as well as consultations and discussions with the members.

Universities are undergoing constant transformation. They are part of societal developments and with their missions in education, research, innovation and culture they are themselves drivers of change. Rapid societal, scientific and technological changes pose questions to university leadership about the strategic directions to take for the future. EUA therefore invites its members to reflect on what the ideal university should look like in ten years' time. EUA will organise consultations and discussions over the second half of 2020 to develop the Association’s vision of Europe’s Universities 2030. The results of these discussions will be gathered in a reference document to support universities in their development, facilitate exchange and enable the articulation of common interests to policy makers linked to the future of universities.

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