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09 Jun 2020

Report on Inclusiveness in ERA-NETs and EJP Cofund published

ERA-LEARN has published a new Report on Inclusiveness in European R&I Partnership Programmes.The report presents the results of an ERA-LEARN survey on inclusiveness targeted at Horizon 2020 ERA-NET Cofund and EJP Cofund Programme coordinators. The goal of the survey was to collect information on measures introduced by H2020 ERA-NET Cofund and EJP Cofund Programmes, in order to enhance the participation of the ‘Widening Countries’.

The survey results demonstrate that participation of Widening Countries in EU Partnerships is limited and actions are needed to strengthen it. However, only by introducing a systematic portfolio of Widening measures throughout the entire Programme cycle can obtain the expected outcome be obtained, namely a larger number of funded projects including organisations from Widening Countries. 

The report can be downloaded here:

Inclusiveness in European R&I Partnership Programme



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