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09 Jun 2020

ERA LEARN Country report on Belgium available

ERA-LEARN  has published a country report on Belgium which is the fourth report in a series of country reports on participation in European R&I partnerships. The country reports provide an analysis of participation and try to explain the ‘performance’ of a country  in European R&I Partnerships within the context of the overall situation in the national and regional research and innovation systems.

The report finds that Belgian funding agencies and ministries are among the most engaged in public European R&I Partnerships, investing significant amounts similarly to the comparator countries, and benefiting from a considerable number of funded projects. Belgium holds a solid position that European R&I Partnerships are beneficial and is determined to retain a strong engagement. Certain complexities and administrative rigidities that exist may deter the full exploitation of the opportunities offered. Hopefully, these will be effectively addressed in Horizon Europe.

The report can be downloaded here:

Country report Belgium  

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