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08 Jun 2020

Austria has already received € 1.5 billion from Horizon 2020

Austria's success rate in applying for Horizon 2020 projects is at 18.2 %, which is significantly higher than the average of all participating countries (15.8%). 37% of Austria's participations are accounted for by the enterprise sector (1,354 participations), 29% by higher education institutions (1,046 participations). With a total of 3.656 participations so far, Austria's participants are particularly successful in ERC projects (European Research Council; € 315 million), and in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) programme (€ 213 million), Transport (€ 156 million) and Energy (€ 125 million) programmes.

The total amount of funds awarded to Austrian participants is currently at € 1.5 billion (higher education institutions: € 563 million, industry: € 464 million, non-university research institutions: € 383 million). The amount of € 1.5 billion is the target the Austrian government had set itself at the start of Horizon 2020 for the overall duration of the programme, which means Austria will exceed this target.

For more information:

Austrian Research Promotion Agency - press release (in German)

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