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02 Jun 2020

EC publishes fact sheets on R&I response to Covid-19 and on AI

Following the adoption of the Covid-19 Recovery Plan, including a new proposal for the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) on 27 May 2020, the European Commission has now published a Fact Sheet on the Research and Innovation Response to COVID-19. Pointing out that research and innovation are at the core of the response to COVID-19, the EC states that the proposed 13.5 billion reinforcement from Next Generation EU will fund vital research in health, resilience and the green and digital transitions. The Fact Sheet illustrates the role of R&I in Europe's recovery.

In addition, the EC has also published a Fact Sheet looking in detail at the role of research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence policy.

EC Fact Sheet "The Role of Research and Innovation in Europe's Recovery"

EC Fact Sheet "The Pivotal Role of Research and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Policy"


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