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20 May 2020

EARTO outlines recommendations for mobilising EU RD&I capabilities under Economic Recovery Package

EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, has published a paper brining forward a set of four recommendations on how to utilise the EU Economic Recovery Package to mobilise European RD&I capabilities and skills to create a resilient, sustainable, technologically sovereign and inclusive post COVID-19 era in Europe. The association points out that Europe’s technological excellence will be the decisive strategic factor to build Europe’s economic and industrial recovery, competitiveness, sustainability, digital capacity and resilience in the long run. EARTO recommends the following:

  • Create a strong support mechanism for public & private RD&I investments as key drivers of economic recovery and resilience, while focusing on the EU Green Deal’s targets, in line with the new EU Industrial and Digital Strategy.
  • Ensure that EU grant-based RD&I programmes will be an important part of the EU Economic Recovery Package to boost public & private RD&I investments.
  • Agree swiftly on a new the Multiannual Financial Framework prioritising future EU RD&I programmes such as Horizon Europe, as key support to a sustainable and inclusive growth and a revived industry in Europe.
  • Safeguard EU technology leadership and production sovereignty by developing a European strategy on technology infrastructures needed by key EU industrial ecosystems.

Reiterating that economic recovery will only be sustainable and inclusive in Europe if based on technology and innovation to ensure competitiveness of the European industry in the long run, EARTO insists that the present crisis should not lead to postpone or downgrade EU ambitions on the green and digital transitions.

For more information:

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