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19 May 2020

Another € 120 million from Horizon 2020 available for coronavirus research

The European Commission (EC) has announced that another €122 million are being made available from Horizon 2020 for urgently needed research into the coronavirus. The new call for expressions of interest contributes to the Commission's €1.4 billion pledge to the Coronavirus Global Response initiative.

The new call complements earlier actions to develop diagnostics, treatments and vaccines by strengthening capacity to manufacture and deploying readily available solutions in order to rapidly address the pressing needs. It will also improve understanding of the behavioural and socio-economic impacts of the epidemic.

The projects funded under this call should repurpose manufacturing for rapid production of vital medical supplies and equipment needed for testing, treatment and prevention, as well as develop medical technologies and digital tools to improve detection, surveillance and patients care. New research will learn from large groups of patients (cohorts) across Europe, and better understanding of the behavioural and socio-economic impacts of the coronavirus epidemic could help improve treatment and prevention strategies.

The deadline for submission is 11 June 2020, while the call will focus on delivering results quickly. The EC is aiming to enable research work to start as quickly as possible through shorter timelines for the preparation of expressions of interest and for their evaluation. The Commission will also include rapid data-sharing clauses in grant agreements, resulting from this new call, to ensure that findings and outcomes can be put to use immediately.

For more information:

EC - press release

Special Horizon 2020 request for expressions of interest

Information session on the new callfor expressions of interest – COVID 19: webcast (Wednesday 20 May 2020, 14:00-16:30 Brussels time)



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