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08 Apr 2020

Commission presents EU global response to fight the pandemic

On 8 April 2020, the European Commission set out plans for a targeted EU response to support partner countries' efforts in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The EU's collective action will focus on addressing the immediate health crisis and resulting humanitarian needs, strengthening partner countries' health, water and sanitation systems and their research and preparedness capacities to deal with the pandemic.

To underpin these actions, the EU will secure financial support to partner countries amounting to more than €15.6 billion from existing external action resources. €2.8 billion will be provoded to support research, health and water systems. In terms of research, the EU will support further research on diagnostics, treatment and prevention, and once a vaccine is available, fast-tracking approval and subsidizing vaccines and their delivery in vulnerable countries.

For more information.

EC Press Release

Communication on the Global EU response to COVID-19

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