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12 Mar 2020

Presentations of workshop on EU R&I Partnerships online now

On 9 and 10 March 2020, the European Commission organised a workshop on the preparation of Horizon Europe Partnerships with Member States. The workshop was targeted to representatives of candidate Partnerships, national representatives from ministries and funding agencies and Commission services involved in the preparation. The participants discussed critical issues and bottlenecks related to governance, commitments, coherence, synergies, development of Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas, management of data on calls, projects and other activities in order to exchange on and find ways to support the preparation of the future partnerships

For Horizon Europe, the Commission and Member States decided to follow a more strategic, coherent and impact-driven approach on R&I partnerships. This means going beyond the goal of bringing together actors to develop a joint agenda, and launching calls for collaborative research. Partnerships need to have higher ambition, which involves a strong commitment from partners to achieve common EU objectives, as well as developing a systemic approach for the take-up of innovative solutions.

Presentations and video recordings of the workshop "Supporting the preparation of future European Partnerships", co-organised by the Commission and ERA-LEARN, can be downloaded here.


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