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06 Mar 2020

EARTO presents Position Paper on Mobilising European RD&I Capabilities & Skills towards Green Deal

On 5 March 2020, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) published a set of recommendations on how to further mobilise European RD&I capabilities and skills towards a sustainable and inclusive growth as defined under the European Green Deal. EARTO stresses that capabilities and skills offered by actors such as Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) would be crucial to deliver technology scale-up and deployment as well as design and implementation of new transforming policies.

According to the paper, the European Green Deal should impact the next Multiannual Financial Framework by ensuring that grant-based EU programmes, aiming at further leveraging private RD&I investments in Europe, would be prioritised in the next EU budget. In addition, the authors say that Europe should ensure it has the proper technology infrastructures to support its key industrial value chains. EARTO also calls for improved EU RD&I Framework Conditions for a better implementation of the European Green Deal such as a strong European Intellectual Property regime, more standardisation efforts as well as updated state aid rules.

For more information:
EARTO Position Paper

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