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05 Mar 2020

EUA provides recommendations for a strong ERA

The European University Association (EUA) published a position paper on European Research Area "How to mobilise research-based knowledge for a better and more sustainable future". In this EUA position, the Association provides a list of recommendations for the ERA. EUA acknowledges the ERAC Opinion of December 2019 and complements that consultations with the ERA stakeholders should further strengthen the recommended objectives and priorities and embed them within the current reality of European research and innovation.

In the paper, EUA calls for an ERA that is ambitious in delivering benefits to society, diverse and open to the world. The right mix of curiosity-driven and mission-oriented R&I and a clear set of shared core values should drive the new ERA. Open Science and interdisciplinary approaches should be mainstreamed. Partnership and collaboration with other sectors should be facilitated and public engagement should be encouraged. Academic career assessment structures and practices should evolve and contribute to a seamless research-based knowledge area. The association underlines that necessary framework conditions should be put in place to ensure the implementation of these recommendations. Significant funding and shared political commitment and synergies between the European, national and regional policy levels would be crucial factors to suceed.

EUA Position paper


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