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04 Mar 2020

The Guild publishes position paper on renewed ERA

On 4 March 2020, the Guild, a network of nineteen European research-intensive universities, presented a position paper, which outlines key priorities and principles that should be at the core of a renewed European Research Area (ERA). With this publication, the Guild welcomes the initiative of the Council of the EU and the European Commission to prioritise the development of a new ERA strategy. The Guild also welcomes the work of ERAC in presenting options for a renewed ERA.

According to the paper, the renewed ERA must uphold scientific knowledge as a fundamental value for Europe, whilst promoting academic freedom and the autonomy of academic institutions as a basis for our democratic systems. In terms of governance, the Guild endorses the need for increased and regular engagement of higher-level politicians. This would improve the effectiveness and impact of ERA as a strategic framework, ensure a deeper commitment of the ministries at the national level, and result in more effective progress towards the objectives.

The Guild makes the following recommendations for the renewed priorities of ERA:

1. Achieve balanced development of the national research systems
2. Coordinate and support R&I systems’ contributions to SDGs
3. Continue improving conditions for the mobility of researchers
4. Ensure progress towards inclusive and equitable R&I systems
5. Ensure long-term policy approaches that cover all dimensions of Open Science
6. Foster bottom-up solutions in the development of career evaluation frameworks that reward Open Science practices
7. Build on the successful collaboration to develop research infrastructures
8. Promote the societal role of science through the empowerment of researchers.

The position paper can be downloaded here.

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