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19 Feb 2020

EIGE publishes reading lists on gender in EU policy areas

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) published 19 reading lists on its collection of gender-related grey literature from government institutions, universities, research institutes and civil society. The tailor-made reading lists present literature on current EU policies, gender indicators and data, and the situation of gender mainstreaming. Resources come from all EU Member States and are available in several EU languages. Research is one of the policy areas on which a reading list is provided. The recommended literature covers the areas policies and tools for mainstreaming gender into research; academic careers and the gender perspective; and the industrial and scientific research sector: obstacles and gender discrimination.

The other policy areas covered include: culture; agriculture and rural development; gender equality and youth; transport; regional policy; sport; tourism; justice; maritime affairs and fisheries; poverty; education; employment; energy; entrepreneurship; environment and climate change; health; economic and financial affairs; the digital agenda.

In addition to grey literature, EIGE also provides an online library that gives access to policy documents, books, articles, studies and specialised databases.

For more information:

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