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19 Feb 2020

ALLEA report provides recommendations for data sharing in humanities

ALLEA, the All European Academies association, published a report on "Sustainable and Fair Data Sharing in the Humanities" on 18 February 2020. The report provides recommendations on how to make digital data in the humanities "Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable", in line with the FAIR principles. The document is designed as a practical guide to help scholars, research funders, professionals and policymakers navigate the shift towards a sustainable data sharing culture. According to ALLEA, the report should help to translate the FAIR principles into practice in the field of humanities, by proposing technical, legal and ethical considerations to construct, store, present, disseminate and publish data in such a way that they can be retrieved, accessed, reused, and are interoperable.

Following the data management lifecycle, the report is structured in five stages: (1) identify, (2) plan, (3) collect/produce, structure & store, (4) deposit for preservation, cite & share, and (5) disseminate. For each phase, a set of practical recommendations and further reading are presented. The authors consider the differences among data sharing cultures across disciplines in the humanities but also encourage pathways towards interdisciplinary data practices.

For more information:

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