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29 Jan 2020

University networks sign "Sorbonne Declaration" on research data rights

A number of networks of research-intensive universities signed a declaration at the Research Data Rights Summit at Sorbonne University, Paris, on 27 January 2020. The so-called "Sorbonne Declaration" on research data rights affirms the commitment of the signatory universities to opening up  research data and demanding a clear legal framework to regulate this sharing and to provide the means to put it in place. 

The declaration was signed by nine networks representing more than 160 of the main research-intensive universities in the world. It addresses the international scientific community as well as research funding bodies and governments. According to the signatories, research data rights are an essential issue for the quality and transparency of research, as well as a crucial economic issue, as this data is funded largely by public moneyworldwide. The objective is therefore to make these data accessible in order to accelerate scientific discoveries and economic development.

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