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24 Jan 2020

LERU paper advises how to implement research integrity in universities

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, presented an advice paper which identifies ways in which universities can develop a research integrity culture within their institutions. LERU states that at a time when public trust in information is increasingly challenged by misinformation, sound and trustworthy research is of particular importance and universities have a key role this context.

The paper first examines how universities can tackle integrity related issues by improving research design, conduct and reporting and identifies how researchers could be educated about research integrity. It highlights the benefits of transparency and accountability at universities, and what universities can do to instil a culture of research integrity within their institutions. The paper includes a section giving practical examples which may act as inspiration for other universities wishing to develop or further strengthen their own research integrity practices. Finally, a set of recommendations is included which can be used as a check list by which an individual university’s research integrity strategy can be assessed. The full paper and an executive summary can be found under the link below.

Towards a Research Integrity Culture at Universities: From Recommendations to Implementation

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