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20 Jan 2020

ESFRI report on Monitoring of Research Infrastructures Performance published

On 16 January 2020, ESFRI published the Report of the ESFRI Working Group on Monitoring of Research Infrastructures Performance. The task of the group was to develop a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to address the most commonly held objectives of pan-European Research Infrastructures (RI). The Working Group was formed in response to the invitation of the Competitiveness Council in May 2018.

The outcomes of the Working Group were presented during the 71st ESFRI Forum Meeting in December 2019. The report now published contains a set of KPIs and proposes an approach on how to use them. Furthermore the group recommends ESFRI to establish a Group for the implementation of KPIs and monitoring of pan-European Research Infrastructures to help implement best practice in developing and implementing KPIs, and to ensure that such experience is shared widely across Europe. The authors also propose that the KPIs should be determined in a dialogue between the RI and ESFRI, involving other relevant parties, e.g. funders of the RIs or ministries.

The report of the ESFRI Working Group can be downloaded here.


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