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11 Dec 2019

EUA reiterates call for larger Horizon Europe budget

Following the presentation of the Finnish Council Presidency's proposals on the next Multiannual Financial Framework earlier this week, the European University Association (EUA) has joined the European Parliament (EP) in calling for a larger budget for Horizon Europe. The proposal includes figures for the overall budget as well as per programme and is intended as a new basis for discussion among Heads of State or Government this week in Brussels. In its press release, EUA deplores the fact that the Finnish proposal makes the overall budget smaller, which for Horizon Europe translates into a smaller increase than proposed by the European Commission. EUA regards the proposed level of funding as insufficient to support the ambitious goals of the EU and to rise to the challenges ahead, and supports the EP's call for a minimum of € 120 billion for Horizon Europe.

As the next step, the European Council will discuss the Multiannual Financial Framework at its meeting on 12/13 December 2019. In his invitation letter for this meeting, the new President of the Council Charles Michel stated that there would be "no point repeating known positions and maximalist requests" and that concessions would be needed from all sides.

For more information:

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