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02 Dec 2019

Research ministers discuss Horizon Europe issues

On 29 November 2019, Research Ministers met in Brussels to discuss several issues related to Horizon Europe, the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

One point was a left-over from the negotiations on the partial general approach on the Horizon Europe Regulation earlier this year. Ministers agreed on the Recitals, a formal part of the Horizon Europe Regulation; and on Annex IV which contains the relations and synergies of Horizon Europe with other MFF Programmes.

Furthermore the research ministers discussed open issues concerning the EIT Regulation and the Strategic Innovation Agenda of the EIT. One major issue was the question of time neutrality concerning the EIT and the KICs. Although most of the Member States argued that time neutrality should be deleted, the presidency decided to go for a new Art. 28 which includes a review clause. The Council agreed on a Partial General Approach concerning the proposed Regulation on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and on a Progress Report concerning the SIA.

The third point on the agenda was dedicated to the adoption of the Council Conclusions of the updated bioeconomy strategy for Europe. In its conclusions, the Council expresses its support for the updated bioeconomy strategy set out in the Commission Communication.

No agreement was reached on the Euratom Programme for Research and Training 2021-2025, due to the fact that the Euratom Treaty requires unanimity for its adoption. Austria and Luxemburg were not able to support the final compromise proposal. The presidency indicated its intention to issue a Progress Report on this file.

This meeting was the last meeting for Commissioner Carlos Moedas in his role as Commissioner for Research and Innovation. In the future he will serve on the advisory board of the Unesco Futures of Education initiative, and he will also join the board of directors of the Jacques Delors Institute.

Council Press release

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