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25 Nov 2019

EC launches new tool on Horizon 2020 Results Platform

The European Commission has announced the launch of a new tool on its Horizon 2020 Results Platform which can be found on the Funding and Tender Opportunities portal. The Platform is now providing a free, online space where projects can advertise their Key Exploitable Results (KER’s).

According to the Horizon 2020 text, a result is defined as “Any tangible or intangible output of the action, such as data, knowledge and information whatever their form or nature, whether or not they can be protected, which are generated in the action as well as any attached rights, including intellectual property rights”. A Key Exploitable Result (KER) is an identified main interesting result (as defined above) which has been selected and  prioritised due to its high potential to be ‘exploited’ downstream the value chain of a product, process or solution, or act as an important input to policy, further research or education. To select and priorities results, the EC recommends to projects to use the following criteria:

  1. degree of innovation,
  2. exploitability,
  3. impact.

For more information:

Funding and Tender Opportunities portal - news

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