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21 Nov 2019

JRC report identifies supply risks for dual-use technologies

photo credit: JRC

In a report released on 20 November 2019, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) calls for a wide range of actions to address bottlenecks in the supply of materials needed for the development of emerging technologies important to Europe’s defence and civil (dual-use) industries. The report focuses on five dual-use technologies: advanced batteries, fuel cells, robotics, unmanned vehicles and 3D printing. The study finds that Europe is extremely highly dependent on imports of critical raw materials for these technologies. Only 1% of the materials come from European countries.

The study includes recommendations for European policy makers for introducing mitigation strategies across the whole supply chain as soon as possible and highlights the need for more effective action on (critical) raw materials in Europe. Such actions could include e.g. supply diversification, increased recycling volumes and the substitution of critical materials.

For more information:

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JRC Report: Materials dependencies for dual-use technologies relevant to Europe's defence sector


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