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19 Nov 2019

Agreement on EU budget 2020 means additional budget for Horizon 2020

On 18 November 2019, the Council and the European Parliament reached agreement on an EU budget for 2020 which strongly focuses on growth and competitiveness and climate action. The EU has set itself the goal of dedicating at least 20% of EU expenditure to climate protection in the period 2014-2020. To help to meet this goal, the Parliament and the Council have agreed to increase the focus on climate-related actions in several areas such as research and development, via the Horizon 2020 programme. Additional funds have also been allocated to the EU's LIFE programme, which will receive €590 million, and the European Environment Agency for recruiting new staff (+6) to support the fight against climate change.

As a consequence, Horizon 2020 will receive a budget of €13.5 billion in total (which is an incease of  €302m) for its last year.

Total commitments are set at €168.7 billion. This is an increase of 1.5% compared to the 2019 budget as amended. €1.5 billion have been kept available under the expenditure ceilings of the multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020, allowing the EU to react to unforeseeable needs.

The agreed figures are based on the premise that the UK will continue to participate fully in the financing and implementation of the EU budget for 2020.

The Parliament and the Council now have 14 days to formally approve the agreement reached. The Council is expected to endorse it on 25 November. The vote in the European Parliament is scheduled for 27 November 2019.

Council Press Release

EC Press Release

EP Press Release


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