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13 Nov 2019

UAS4EUROPE welcomes Denmark and the Netherlands as new partners

UAS4EUROPE, the European network of Universities of Applied Sciences in the field of applied research and innovation, welcomes two new partners in the network: Denmark and the Netherlands.

"Attracting new UAS-partners strengthens the network and increases the European visibility of UAS in the field of research and innovation. It thrives on the active participation of all partners and each of us can use specific contacts, national liaison offices and representations at European level for the common cause", says Raimund Ribitsch, President of the Austrian UAS association (FHK) and current Chairman of UAS4EUROPE.

Ribitsch continues: "UAS are the interface between science and industry in teaching and research. Our graduates are very much in demand by the business world and are very successful on the job market. In research, we are regarded as reliable and hands-on partners who ensure that fundamental research results also lead to innovations. We are convinced that it is precisely this profile feature that the EU's new Research Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, must have. In future consortia, UAS can contribute to "bringing research results to the ground" and to the creation of innovative products and services."

UAS4EUROPE, strengthened by two new partner organisations, will continue to shape the European Research Area in the spirit of its member organisations and contribute the expertise of the sector to its further development.

More information on how to become a partner can be found here.

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