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04 Nov 2019

Council Library publishes October 2019 issue of Think Tank Review

The Library of the Council of the European Union has recently published the October 2019 issue of its monthly Think Tank Review. This monthly review covers articles and reports published in the respective month relating to different political and policy topics (abstracts and links). Amongst other issues, the current edition covers the following topics: an analysis of incoming Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's announcement of a geopolitical Commission; a revised version of the Spitzenkandidaten debate; the rise in hybrid threats and cyberattacks in the EU; a stronger focus on strengthening the social dimension of the European project; social policy as a crucial tool with which to fight Euroscepticism; the EU's leadership in climate change policies and how it has enhanced the EU's global role; the challenges faced by younger and future generations owing to environmental breakdown and the measures that can be taken to address this inter-generational injustice; the way towards a successful transition to a climate-neutral economy; and analyses of the impact and implications of a no deal Brexit, and the prospects for UK nationals in the EU-27 after a no-deal Brexit.

Council Library Think Tank Review October 2019


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