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17 Oct 2019

EC announces next deadline for its IP Booster service

The European Commission (EC) has announced that the next deadline for applying for its IP Booster service is 31 October 2019. The EC's free service aims to provide specialised, professional Intellectual Property (IP) advice to European universities and public research organisations. IP, technology and business strategy experts examine the applicant's research and guide them to develop the best intellectual property strategies for their organisation.

To receive the IP Booster support, interested organisations can apply using the IP Booster service website, provided they are eligible:

  • The application must originate from a European University or Public Research Organisation
  • The applicant’s university or organisation must have a PIC (Participant Identification Code)
  • The applicant must not be able to secure similar IP services at national level

The current call closes on October 31. Find out more about the application process and the services here and download an application form here

For more information:

EC - News

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