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08 Oct 2019

ECA gives positive assessment of EC management of EU budget

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has released its latest report about the management of the EU budget by the European Commission. According to the report, the EC has "significantly improved" the way it administrates the EU budget. The EC manages around 75% of the EU spending jointly with the EU Member States. The latter play a key role in areas like cohesion and agriculture, where most of the budget is channelled through the national and regional management authorities.

With regard to research and innovation, according to the EC, more than 300,000 researchers are being supported by Horizon 2020, the world's largest publicly funded research and innovation funding programme with a € 77 million budget for 2014-2020. These include 18 Nobel Prize laureates, and innovators. More than 555 patents have already been granted with another 800 pending approval. In recent years, the Commission has also worked on simplifying the rules under which the EU budget is spent.

For more information:

EC - press release

Factsheet - Key features of 2018 EU budget implementation


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