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17 Sep 2019

EC announces winners of 2019 Young Scientists awards

The European Commission has announced the winners of this year's Young Scientists awards:

  • Adam Kelly from Ireland for “Optimised Simulation of General Quantum Circuits”;
  • Magnus Quaade Oddershede from Denmark for “The wingtip's influence on the efficiency of airplane wings”;
  • Alex Korocencev and Felix Christian Sewing from Germany for “Hoverboard - a Magnetically Levitated Vehicle”;
  • Leo Li Takemaru and Poojan Pandya from USA for “Investigating the Role of the Novel ESCRT-III Recruiter CCDC11 in HIV Budding: Identifying a Potential Target for Antiviral Therapy”.

The winners receive €7,000 for each of the four outstanding projects.

The four second prizes and four third prizes were awarded to projects from Georgia, Spain, Finland, South Korea, Switzerland, Belarus, Austria, Poland. The winners were selected from among 154 young scientists aged 14 to 20 from schools in 40 countries, including European schools, and a total of one hundred projects. The winners receive a total of €62,000 in prize money, as well as other prizes such as science trips.

The participants had all previously won first prizes in their home countries' national science competitions in their specific fields. The projects covered a broad spectrum of scientific areas, including biology, physics, chemistry, computing, social sciences, environment, mathematics, materials, engineering and medicine.

For more information:

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