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09 Sep 2019

YERUN publishes response to EC proposal on EIT 2021-2027

On 9 September 2019, YERUN (Young European Research Universities) published a response to the new legislative measures (EIT Regulation and a new Strategic Innovation Agenda) for the EIT period of 2021-2027. YERUN welcomes the intention to broaden the EIT’s activities and to transform the KICs into more inclusive and more participatory communities.

According to the paper, the EIT’s new structuring role in higher education and its overall impact on regional oureach activities must be supported by appropriate methods and budget. YERUN therefore recommends the following:

  • The EIT’s new task to support innovation capacity development in HEI and their integration in innovation ecosystems should benefit all HEI interested to enlarge their entrepreneurial capacity. HEI should be able to tap into the KIC’s rich networks of business and societal actors, mutually benefitting all parties involved;
  • an appropriate budget should be made available that is well above the maximum 14% proposed, to be earmarked within the overall budget for EIT;
  • The ambition to create more inclusive KICs should be translated in a formal requirement to potentially renew their membership, by means of an open call after the first 7-year term, with harmonised guidelines for all KICs.

More details can be found here:

YERUN response


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