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05 Sep 2019

Think tank publishes memos for next EU Leaders

With a view to the new Commission that will take office in November 2019, Bruegel has published a series of papers entitled "Braver, greener, fairer: Memos to the new EU leadership 2019 – 2024". In a set of 16 memos, the Brussels-based European think tank assesses the state of affairs, analyses the main challenges for the incoming commissioners and presidents, and provides them with concrete policy recommendations.

The memo which  addresses the future Commissioner responsible for Research and Innovation recommends to aim at making Horizon Europe as effective as possible in supporting socially and environmentally sustainable EU growth, including by addressing major challenges, including climate change. Good mixes in Horizon Europe of top-down and bottom-up instruments, and of upstream science, pre-commercial research and downstream innovation, should be ensured. According to the paper, the Commission should build on the success of the European Research Council and ensure the EU offers a high level of researcher mobility and is open to talent from around the world.

The memo addressing the Commissioner responsible for Research and Innovation can be downloaded here, an overview on all memos can be found here.

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