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29 Aug 2019

European university and research organisations call for ambitious Horizon Europe budget

Fifteen European university and research organisations have recently released a call for an ambitious Horizon Europe budget to foster excellent cross-border research and innovation (R&I). They state that this investment is essential to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and build a prosperous future for European society. They therefore call on EU institutions and policy makers to to raise the budget of Horizon Europe, the next Framewor Programme, to at least €120 billion. This would would also give the right signal to boost public and private R&I investment in Europe.

The call is still open to receive support by organisations at national and European levels. The original statement was drafted jointly by the following organisations: AURORA, CESAER, CLUSTER, COIMBRA Group, EARMA, EASSH, ECIU, EUA, IDEA League, The Guild, LERU, Unica, Unilion, SEFI and YERUN. The intention of the joined European organisations is to offer the list of supporting organisations to the European officials during the Research & Innovation Days on 24-26 September 2019.

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