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18 Jul 2019

Council Library publishes July 2019 Think Tank Review

The Library of the Council of the European Union has published the latest issue of its monthly Think Tank Review. The July 2019 edition focuses on the outcome of the European elections and on the EU's Strategic Agenda.

As regards the European elections, articles assess the longer-term implications for European democracy and analyse what the elections mean in a deeper sense for the quality of European democracy. They also draw several lessons from the elections, taking into account the fact that the two main European political parties (EPP) and (S&D) lost their joint majority. Publications discuss how 2019 could be the year for a fresh start, since Europe will not be dominated by populist parties, which were contained by the ground taken by the liberals and ecologists. Studies compare the attitudes of citizens in EU countries and find that the EU is rated more positively overall than in 2015.

Regarding the newly adopted Strategic Agenda, which sets out the EU's main priorities for the five years ahead, articles suggest how to define Europe’s place in an increasingly bipolar world, driven by geostrategic rivalry between the US and China. They also discuss how to avoid protectionism and strengthen Europe’s technological, financial and security capacities.

Other issues covered concern Ecofin, employment and social policy, foreign affairs, and Brexit.

Think Tank Review - July 2019

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