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04 Jul 2019

Commission announces Chairs of Mission Boards at Informal Council Meeting

At the Informal Council for Research Ministers that is taking place in Helsinki, Finland, today, Commissioner Moedas has announced the appointment of five prominent experts to chair the Mission Boards which will propose targets and timelines to design the specific Missions for Horizon Europe. The European R&I Missions will be a new element in the Framework Programme, aiming at delivering solutions to some of the great global challenges.

Each Mission Board will consist of 15 experts, including the Chair. Following a selection process, which produced over 2,100 applications, the five Mission Boards will be composed of experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including academics, innovators, civil society, industry, finance and end-users. The Commission expects to announce the full composition of the Mission Boards by the end of July 2019. They will be chaired by the following outstanding individuals:

  • Ms Connie Hedegaard, former European Commissioner for Climate Action, for the Mission on ‘Adaptation to Climate Change including Societal Transformation’
  • Professor Harald zur Hausen, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, for the Mission on ‘Cancer’
  • Mr Pascal Lamy, former Trade Commissioner and Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, for the Mission on ‘Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters’
  • Professor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, former Mayor of Warsaw, for the Mission on ‘Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities’
  • Mr Cees Veerman, former Dutch Agriculture Minister, for the Mission on ‘Soil Health and Food’.  

For more information:

EC Press Release

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