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18 Jun 2019

PSF Specific Support to Latvia is looking at HR in research

The Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF) started its Specific Support to Latvia in June 2019, aiming to provide external advice and operational recommendations to the country's authorities on reforms and actions to undertake in order to address the challenges related to the development in Latvia of the human capital for research and innovation (R&I). The role of the 2019 PSF Specific Support is to identify which are the priority actions in relation to HR development which should benefit from the additional funding, as well as which key HR-focused reforms are required to ensure the most effective use of the funding.

In particular, the Specific Support will look at

  • policies for attracting and retaining talents in scientific and technological careers in Latvia and developing their skills and productivity, and 
  • policies for developing the employment of S&T human resources in the Latvian business sector.

PSF Specific Support to Latvia II - Fact Sheet

PSF Specific Support to Latvia - Expert Panel

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