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17 Jun 2019

PSF peer review experts advise Malta to invest in R&D

Based on the findings of a peer review of the Maltese Research and Innovation system carried out under the Horizon 2020 Policy Suppport Facility (PSF), the experts carrying out the review urge the smallest EU Member State to invest in R&D as soon as possible.

The aim of the Peer Review will feed into the preparation of Malta’s national strategy for R&D and innovation post-2020. The focus of the analysis is on the current National R&I Strategy 2020 and the policy mix, i.e. policies, measures and instruments supporting the public science base, public-private cooperation and business innovation dynamics. The Peer Review aims at supporting Malta’s efforts: 1) to continue R&I capacity building; 2) to improve the dynamics of the R&I system and 3) to improve the efficiency of current public investments in R&I.

Malta has a booming economy with full employment and a solid budget surplus. The PSF experts advise the Maltese government to have more leadership, participation, synergy and transparency together with long-term investment as soon as possible, all of which they regard as vital to Malta’s R&I future.

Peer Review of the Maltese R&I system: Final Report

Peer Review of the Maltese Research and Innovation system: Summary article

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