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17 Jun 2019

PSF publishes background report on peer review of Danish R&I system

The  Policy Support Facility under Horizon 2020 has recently published a Background Report on its peer review of the Danish Ressearch and Innovation System. The report focuses on providing the key indicators on knowledge-based innovation in Denmark and sets these indicators in the context of the developments in innovation policy in the country. Appendices to this report (separate reports) entail a self-assessment of the Danish knowledge-based innovation system by the Danish Ministry of Education and Science and a literature review and assessment of the Danish knowledge-based innovation support system, commissioned by the Ministry.

According to the report, the Danish knowledge based innovation system has developed from an original industrial policy over technological and research policies to present day innovation policy. The development have been driven by technology, by certain industrial sectors, and to some degree by a technology push mindset. This has also meant that the policy originated with a focus on multiplier activities bringing technology and innovation knowledge from few activities to many recipients. Today this approach have been supplemented by project funding in the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), with a substantial part of the funding for one on one projects with industry and research.

Peer Review of the Danish R&I System: Background Report 

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