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12 Jun 2019

Report on Peer Review of Maltese R&I system published

On 12 June 2019, the European Commission published the final report of the Peer Review of the Maltese Research and Innovation System. The aim of this Peer Review is to feed into the preparation of Malta’s national strategy for R&D and innovation post-2020. The focus of the analysis is on the current National R&I Strategy 2020 and the policy mix, i.e. policies, measures and instruments supporting the public science base, public-private cooperation and business innovation dynamics. The Peer Review aims at supporting Malta’s efforts: 1) to continue R&I capacity building; 2) to improve the dynamics of the R&I system and 3) to improve the efficiency of current public investments in R&I.

The PSF panel arrived at a compact set of Key Policy Messages highlighted upfront in the report, each one supported by detailed recommendations. The core of the report outlines the rationale supporting each of these policy statements and discusses the specific recommendations proposed by the panel.

The report can be downloaded here.

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