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28 May 2019

Registration for piloting process for EC's AI Guidelines is open

The European Commission (EC) is inviting stakeholders to register for testing the assessment list of its recently published "Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence", and to provide practical feedback through an online survey. The AI Guidelines were prepared by the High-Level Group on Artificial Intelligence and were published on 8 April 2019. They provide provide an assessment list with key requirements and guidance on how to implement them in practice.The online survey is due to be launched in June 2019. 

By registering, stakeholders can indicate their interest in the piloting phase of the assessment list by testing out the assessment list in their own organisation, and subsequently providing feedback through the online survey on, commenting for instance on the usefulness, relevance, completeness, implementability, governance and scope for improvement of the assessment list.

Registration for the Piloting Process

Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

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