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27 May 2019

Think Tank Review Special Issue focuses on climate change

The European Council Library has published a special issue of its Think Tank Review, with a focus on climate change. The review covers articles and studies published in previous issues of the Think Tank Review, from January 2018 to May 2019 which look at the EU's role in the implementation of the Paris agreement and the EU as a global player supporting the international climate agenda. In particular, the review focuses on:

  • the role of the EU in supporting developing countries and emerging economies,
  • the role of other players, such as China, in meeting the targets of the Paris agreement,
  • 'smart cities' and 'smart technology',
  • local communities' involvement,
  • a review of tools that could boost investment in low-carbon technology,
  • action to be taken up to 2030 in order to cut greenhouse emissions.

Think Tank Review - Special Issue: Climate Change

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