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27 May 2019

MSCA funds 128 new Innovative Training Networks

The European Commission (EC) has announced that 128 Innovative Training Networks will be funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Programme of Horizon 2020. The networks involve 1.389 organisations in 56 countries and will receive € 470 million of funding in total. MSCA will fund the networks’  top-notch research and training programmes, and enable over 1,800 PhD candidates to complete their doctoral training abroad.

The 128 doctoral training programmes selected include 16 European Industrial Doctorates, in which non-academic organisations have an equal role to universities, and 9 European Joint Doctorates delivered by several universities. The selected projects cover a variety of research areas such as engineering and communication, environment, health and palaeontology. 

For more information:

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