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13 May 2019

EDA launches 3rd Defence Innovation Prize

EDA, the European Defence Agency, launched a call for applications from parties interested in participating in the third edition of the ‘EDA Defence Innovation Prize’ contest on 10 May 2019. The Prize rewards companies and research entities for coming up with innovative and ground-breaking technologies, products, processes or services applicable in the defence domain.

The area that has been selected for this year innovation prize is “AI applications for defence” and will include:

  • Supporting decision-making tools in command and control
  • Improve intelligence gathering and processing of information to improve the common operational picture
  • Supporting the autonomy of unmanned systems
  • Demonstrating the efficient use of AI in combination with 5G and Internet of Things.

The winning idea/concept will be awarded € 30,000.-.

No specific defence background is required to participate in the contest which is open to innovators from all types of industries and research institutions in Europe: defence & civil/commercial producers, large companies & SMEs, defence-related & civil research communities. Applications from dual-use and civil/commercial innovators and researchers are even particularly encouraged.

The rules of the contest and the criteria for participation are available here

Deadline for submissions: 30 August 2019 (5pm Brussels time).

Information on how to apply can be found in the contest documentation under the link above.

The prize winners will be notified not later than October 2019. An EDA Defence Innovation Prize award ceremony is scheduled to take place at the 2019 EDA Annual Conference in Brussels.

With regard to the preceding 2nd EDA Innovation prize, the EDA Prize selection committee, after a thorough evaluation of the submitted project ideas, decided not to award the prize to any of the participating project ideas. The reasoning behind this decision of the selection committee was not because of the quality or merit of the submitted ideas but due to the fact that none of them could demonstrate a clear contribution of the project idea to a defence problem.

For more information:

EDA - News

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EDA Defence Innovation Prize webpage

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