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09 May 2019

EC adops JRC's Work Programme for 2019-2020

On 8 May 2019, the European Commission (EC) adopted the Work Programme for the Joint Research Centre (JRC) for 2019-2020. The JRC is funded under Horizon 2020, and its work is structured according to the political priorities of the Commission.

During the period 2019-2020, the JRC will continue supporting Better Regulation initiatives with its expertise on modelling, data analysis, design of monitoring schemes and advice on the scientific and technical aspects of the feasibility and enforceability of limits and targets. It will also explore innovative ways to engage citizens on scientific and policy making issues. In support of the Commission’s objective to improve the way it manages knowledge, the JRC will strengthen its knowledge management activities and contribute to the Data4Policy group's work on better use of data.

The JRC will also step up support to Member States, in particular through opening its own research infrastructures, assisting Member States and Regions to develop their Smart Specialisation strategies, supporting the European Semester process through knowledge sharing platforms as well as through contributions to the Structural Reform Support Programme.

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