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05 Apr 2019

OECD publishes mapping of science-industry knowledge exchange policy instruments

On 5 April 2019, the OECD published a paper on "Science-industry knowledge exchange - A mapping of policy instruments and their interactions mapping of policy instruments and their interactions". The paper develops an ontology of the policy instruments to support science-industry knowledge transfer and offers insights into the policy mix across OECD countries. Adopting a policy mix approach involves paying more attention to the interactions between policy instruments.

Countries deploy a variety of policy instruments to promote science-industry knowledge exchange. While these instruments are often discussed in isolation, they are implemented collectively and may negatively affect each other or add excessive complexity. This paper develops a conceptual framework to map policy instruments for knowledge exchange and assess the interactions between them. The framework also considers how national contexts and global trends influence the choice of policy instruments. Policy examples drawn from the EC-OECD STIP Compass database and from case studies show that there are significant differences across countries in the relative importance given to each policy instrument in terms of budget, target groups, eligibility criteria, time horizon and implementation. These differences are also a consequence of different country conditions. The paper can be downloaded here: Science-industry knowledge exchange

Another OECD Publication focuses on Science & Digitalisation Fostering Science and Innovation in the Digital Age

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