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26 Mar 2019

CoR welcomes political agreement on Horizon Europe

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) has welcomed the partial political agreement reached on Horizon Europe on 20 March 2019. In his reaction to the agreement, CoR rapporteur on Horizon Europe, Christophe Clergeau, welcomed the compromise reached between the European Parliament (EP) and the Council, reiterating that the CoR, like the EP, wishes to see the total budget for Horizon Europe to be raised to €120 billion, from the €94.6 billion proposed by the European Commission (EC).

Mr. Clergeau also emphasised that closing the research and innovation gap between Member States and between regions is a key demand of the CoR opinion adopted in October 2018. The establishment of a mission on "Smart and Carbon Neutral Cities" and an R&I partnership on "Sustainable bio-based solutions" are particularly welcomed by the CoR. The Committee would like to see Horizon Europe provide local and regional authorities with direct access to dedicated Horizon Europe funding for connecting territories and building regional R&I ecosystems with European regions and cities. It also calls for particular attention to be paid to the problem of 'brain-drain' and renewing of research and scientific potential locally, and wishes to contribute through its members and experts to the work of the European Innovation Council (EIC).

For more information:

CoR - press release

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