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19 Mar 2019

EARTO open letter expresses concern over future researcher mobility

EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, has recently sent an open letter to Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, in which the association calls on the Commission to ensure future researcher mobility across borders.

According to the letter, RTOs in Europe have identified 3 important EU dialogues that if not treated carefully will hinder efforts to increase researcher mobility across borders:

  1. Trilogue discussions on the proposed revision of EU social security coordination rules e.g. regulation 883/04 and 987/2009: EARTO calls for clarification and amendments with regard to A1 forms for business trips;
  2. Evaluation of implementation of 2014 enforcement directive on posting of workers (2014/67/EU): EARTO states that a clear framework for local notifications at EU-level needs to be defined;
  3. National transposition of the revised posting directive (2018/957/EU): here, EARTO calls for an EC statement to avoid legal uncertainty for researchers.

To read the EARTO Open Letter, click here.


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